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Nuna Surf Bali, Surfing School on Legian Beach for Adults and Children

24 Mei 2019, 14: 00: 59 WIB | editor : I Putu Suyatra

Nuna Surf Bali, Surfing School on Legian Beach for Adults and Children

NUNA SURF BALI: Jaka Kalidana Putra (left), owner of Nuna Surf Bali while being an instructor to trainees at Legian Beach, Bali. Nuna Surf Bali also rents surfboards and Sunbad for sunbathing or relaxing. (NUNA SURF BALI FOR BALI EXPRESS)

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BALI EXPRESS, LEGIAN - Surfing is one of the sexy sports for foreign tourists who come to Bali. For those who cannot, Nuna Surf Bali on Legian Beach, Badung, Bali, is the solution.

For surf lovers, Bali is indeed one of the choices. Because Bali has around 145 charming surf spots. For inexperienced tourists, you don't need to worry. Just come to Nuna Surf Bali on Legian Beach. Precisely in front of Mozarella Restaurant. Or just contact the owner, Jaka Kalidana Putra at +6287702173153. Or check on the Instagram account @balinunasurf. For those who want to rent surfboards and Sundays for sunbathing or relaxing on Legian Beach, you can also at Nuna Surf Bali.

Jaka Kalidana Putra, said, Nuna Surf Bali is one of the surfing schools that opens classes for all groups. Both adults and small children. "But with a note that the class of children participating in the surfing class must be 10 years old," he explained.

Balajar Surfing at Nuna Surf Bali, he said, tourists don't need to bother. Because all equipment is provided by Nuna Surf Bali. Ranging from changing clothes, surfboards to documentation facilities.

The process of learning to surf at Nuna Surf Bali, divided into several sessions. Starting from the theory carried out on the beach for 30 minutes, then the practice is for 1 hour and rest for 20 minutes. Then followed by another practice session for 40 minutes.

"Before taking this class, the participants used swimsuits. Finished changing clothes, then learning theory and practicing some surfing moves on land. For beginners the surfboard used is rather large and oval shaped. Boards with this form are safer for beginners because they are more balanced, "Jaka said.

Whereas a shorter and more pointed surfboard like those often seen in films, is more suitable for maneuvering in waves. "Of course for those who have better surfing capabilities," he explained.

According to Jaka, Nuna Surf Bali has several surfing classes. Starting from beginner class, private class, child class, private and middle class child class.

This beginner class consists of three levels. Starting from level 1 with a duration of one day, level 2 (duration of three days) and level 3 (duration of six days). This class, he added, was cared for by an instructor with a maximum of two participants. "But if one person can, too. It doesn't have to be two, "Jaka said.

For this private class, tourists can learn to surf with one tourist and be taken care of by an instructor. So that exercise activities can be more intense.

As for the child class, it consists of two types, namely the regular child class and the private child class. Regular class children are cared for by one instructor with a maximum of two children. "But it doesn't have to be two. One person can do it. Meanwhile, the private children's class is provided by one instructor for one participant," he continued.

Why choose Legian Beach as its location? Jaka said because Legian beach has the character of medium waves with a safe coastal landscape. So that tourists who do surfing activities are not dangerous.

This was said by Jaka because of the sandy beach character and no coral at all. "So when you fall you won't get a serious injury," he said.

For the price, Nuna Surf Bali sets a fairly affordable price, but still provides complete training facilities and materials and takes into account its safety factors.


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