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Papua is Indonesia Forefer

By: Toni Ervianto*

06 September 2019, 20: 13: 24 WIB | editor : I Putu Suyatra

Papua is Indonesia Forefer

Ilustrasi (ISTIMEWA)

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FINALLY,  the government of Indonesia has decided to annul Benny Wenda's citizenship. Since that, these fugitive does not have country or stateless citizenship.  Those decision must be made because Benny Wenda,  the leader of ULMWP is main provocateur during Papua's and until now.

Actually and intensively,  Benny Wenda has been making simultaneous political propaganda regarding to Papua's independence as his political main target.  Behind his maneuver,  Benny Wenda has been taking several economic and political gain.

Basically,  in Papua and West Papua,  Benny Wenda has militant supporters and symphatizers who have been establishing at several cohort political wings of separatism organization such as NFRPB,  KNPB,  AMP,  WPNA and others.

Meanwhile,  on local and global social media channels such as PWVC USA, United Kingdom,  Australia,  Africa and Netherland, including several local social media channels,  they can spread or deliver their agititative propaganda messages just only 30 percent and their followers are below 125.000 (maybe both of them are bots or robotic accounts). Those facts have been shown that the capacity of them delivering their messages did not accept by global societies.  Why?  Because whatever are deliver by them is bullshit and yapping.  So,  why Papua and West Papua resident must be followed to them?  Lets forget them,  because Papua is Indonesia forever and Indonesia never make Papua and West Papua walk alone.  Because they are out family and we must give them the best endearment.

*) The writer is mass media columnist.


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